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Two bedroom townhouse
with beautiful views of garden.

Huge commercial kitchen with open living and
dining area in one space. Mudroom entry with 1/2 bath

on same level. Spacious & comfortable bedrooms

with private bathrooms on second floor.

Perfect for a small family or group of friends—

together cooking and eating or out on the property
for hiking, tubing, or a campfire. 

Rental spaces share access to garden

and grounds around farmhouse, riverfront beach, and fifty acres of mountain hiking. Ask us for a map !


Three bedroom townhouse with huge wraparound porch and valley views.

Relax on private porch or in living room.
Games and quality time with your group.

Endless property to explore


One bedroom with tiny front and back porches and valley views.

Charming historical space for 2 guests.

Private parking in front with stone steps up to

front door and private passcode. Kitchenette, living area and bethroom all on one floor. In adjoining room vaulted ceiling bedroom with skylights.

Ultimate escape for a couple,

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